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Pkmyr Tact Grip Glove Rem Tac-14

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The Mossberg Shockwave and Remington Tac-14 have become two of the most popular weapons to be introduced in recent years. Their 14" barrels and unique birdshead style pistol grip makes them fast and maneuverable, however they do also pack quite a kick. With this in mind, Pachmayr introduced the Tactical Grip Glove, developed specifically for these firearms. This slip-on grip is easy to install and offers much better control as well as reducing the recoil of the Shockwave and Tac-14. The grip features a single finger positioning groove, non-slip texturing and a thicker padded area to give the palm of your hand better protection from recoil.

Features :
  • Rubberized
  • Absorbs shock from recoil